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Since it was first held in May

A total of 170 teachers from 40 countries participated, as early as

The 7th popular event with an average satisfaction level of over 90%

No matter what your English ability or subject is! !!

Only for elementary, junior high, high school, and university teachers

Limited plan! !!


World Teachers Conference


​For the Future Education

Connect with teachers around the world

World Teachers Conference

With teachers from all over the world

Current status of educational sites in your own country

About future education

Program for exchanging opinions

This World Teachers Conference

A passion for education

About teachers and SDGs from all over the world

One and a half hours to talk

​What is the World Teachers Conference?


With The World x ACT SDGs collaboration project!

World Teachers Conference-Discover yourself x SDGs

So far, teachers from more than 40 countries have gathered to learn about ideal education.

World teachers' conference that has been discussed.

This event, which will be the last event of this year, is

SDGs Learning Community Joint project with ACT SDGs!

" How to connect students with the world and the SDGs?"


I would like to respond to the voices of such teachers!

Ask questions that students can feel about the SDGs

Help the teachers set it up,

To bring you to the stage where you can actually ask the students

We have prepared a cross-border group discussion.


Create opportunities to connect the world and Japanese teachers and stimulate each other,

With The World, which has seriously considered the further development of Japanese education

ACT SDGs that seriously support the foundation of a sustainable society

That's why it's a unique event.

Details of the event


● Date and time: November 21st, 20:00 to 21:30 Japan time


@Zoom (held online)
● Capacity: 20 people (40 other teachers from all over the world are scheduled to participate.)
* Observers (participants who visit without participating in the exchange of opinions): 20 ● Target:
Incumbent teachers and professors working at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and universities (observers are also incumbent teachers and professors) It is limited.)

Flow of the day

19: 45- Opening
20: 00-20: 15 General greeting
20: 15-20: 25 Session 1

20:25-20:35 Share ideas throughout
20: 35-20: 45 Session 2
20: 45-20: 55 Share ideas throughout
20: 55-21: 05 Session 3
21: 05-21: 15 Share ideas throughout
21: 15-21: 30 Summary & commemorative photo

● Language: English (Interpreter will be provided if necessary.
* Students who are fluent in English but do not have an interpreter as a profession will be in charge of interpreting.

In addition, there is a possibility that the interpreter will be hindered due to a poor connection on Zoom.

Please pardon. )

Discussions contents in the session


Session 1: Did your feelings move a lot and lead to any action?

Session 2: Connecting Events with SDGs

Session 3: What are the questions that connect the original experience with the SDGs?

* In group discussions, for small groups of about 5 people

Because it is done separately, you can enjoy close dialogue and deep discussion.



500 yen per person

(For both discussion participants and observers, 500 yen will be charged.)


I recommend this hotel

● Get to know a wide range of educational realities across countries and school types

I want to deliver high-quality education to students ● I want to give classes related to SDGs ● I am not confident in English, but I am not confident in English, but with teachers from all over the world about education and SDGs

I want to have a hot discussion

Voices of teachers who participated last time


● I was able to share my opinions with overseas teachers! !!

● I heard the thoughts of teachers from all over the world about education! !!

● I wasn't confident in English, but I had a good discussion

I was able to participate! !!

● It was the best online event I have ever attended! !!

State of the event so far

Click here for details on the previous World Teachers Conference



* Please be sure to read it.
● Cancellation
If you contact us by November 19, we will give you a full refund.

Subsequent cancellations and cancellations without permission will not be refunded.

Please understand.
Contact for cancellation:
● Both discussion participants and observers are in elementary school, junior high school, high school, or university.

Only incumbent teachers and professors are recruited.
● If the number of applicants exceeds the number, you may not be able to participate.

Please forgive me in advance.

[Our thoughts]
In an ever-changing society, I think that children and teachers are both excited and anxious at the same time.

However, technological innovation and globalization will accelerate

That's why now, online with people from all over the world

You can easily connect.
Leveraging the strengths of With The World, which connects schools around the world online and provides PBL programs,

By creating a place where teachers can talk and interact across national borders

Get in touch with new educational initiatives around the world

Be aware of common problems or in your own education

I hope it will be an opportunity to discover your strengths.

Click here for HP:

(Online x international exchange

-Making international exchanges with overseas students of the same age closer to you-)
Impressive overseas training that you actually meet:


About ACT SDGs
ACT SDGs are for people who want to learn the SDGs and act toward the realization of the SDGs.

A group for empowerment.

Including information dissemination, participation in actions through campaigns,

Platform for interaction,

We carry out support programs for community building.

[Online course]

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