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​Before using the program

<Participation conditions>

・ Refunds are not possible due to cancellation on the day before or on the day of participation.

(Cancellation up to 2 days in advance is free.)

・ Participation for purposes other than learning will be refused.

・ We are not responsible for any troubles between customers.

Please understand.

・ We may not be responsible for some communication troubles due to network failure. Please understand.


・ If there is any nuisance, we may refuse to participate in the future.

・ Shoot photos and videos of other customers and assistants without agreement, on SNS, etc.

Posting is prohibited. (Please take pictures with mutual agreement.)

・ Please participate in an environment where you can connect to the Internet in a stable manner.

-The communication app uses ZOOM. Please download it to your device in advance. ​

<About the use of ZOOM>

In this program, ZOOM, an online conference tool, is used for class management.

I am using it.

Therefore, if you have not installed ZOOM yet, please contact us.

Please install from here and perform the initial settings.


If you can confirm the basic operation before the class starts, it will be a smooth class

You can enter.

​ * Please check from the ZOOM official website.


Also, when attending a class, please write your account name in Roman letters.

Please set.

Example) Ichiro

* You can change the name after joining ZOOM.

By changing your name, communication between customers will become more active.

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