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junior high school  / High school / University program

Activities that lead to international peace starting from class



Through education, we will produce global leaders who will lead international peace from all over the world.
That is our mission.


With an online program

Gonna to see the international sensation!

I can't go abroad because of the new coronavirus

To students and adults

With The World allows you to have international exchanges from your home

We have prepared an online program!

Intercultural exchange with people of the same age around the world online

You can think about the social problems that the world faces.

Would you like to jump out into the world with us?

We look forward to your boarding.

​Program list


Thank you for participating in the With The World event in 2020.

The event in December will be closed.


Future plans will be announced after January.

I hope you can wait for a while.

The first step towards the world



Study abroad experience

For junior and senior high school students and college students

Time required:1 hour


With students from all over the world


Cross-cultural exchange




Know the present of the Philippines



Junior high and high school students / university students

For working people

Time required: 1.5 hours



With a local NGO

Collaboration program

Theme of social issues in the Philippines

Develop solution skills

​* Connects to an external site

First international exchange


Chat Time

For elementary school students


Time required: 1 hour

all around the world

With children

While at home

International exchange


Connect with teachers around the world

World Teachers Conference

For junior high and high school teachers


Time required: 1.5 hours

With teachers from all over the world

Current status of educational sites in your own country

Future education

Attached to and

Exchange opinions


To you who are lost in the future


Career worries

Consultation meeting

For junior and senior high school students


Time required: 1.5 hours

Active college student

With The World

On the intern

Career / Study Abroad / Failure Story

In a roundtable format

You can ask questions and consult


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