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<For junior and senior high school students, college students, and adults>


Study tour

Sponsored by: Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines

Time required

Middle and high school class: 2.5 hours

University / Adult Class: 1 and a half hours

Touching on the social problems facing the world,

Rethinking what "happiness" is

Program to discuss


This online study tour will take you to an hour and a half overseas training.
The destination is the city of Iloilo in the Philippines.
Here are the state-of-the-art cities in the midst of economic development and the poverty-stricken slums on the outskirts.

You can get a glimpse of the two sides of the two extremes.

This time, I'm going to meet a boy who lives on the outskirts of Iloilo City.
Even if I managed to go to school by donating,
The current situation is that we are forced to live a difficult financial life.
Even so, he clearly answers, "I'm happy."

On the other hand, in Japan, if you live without trouble with food, clothing and shelter,
When you are living a daily life that is rarely bothered by work and living environment
Isn't it not that many children clearly say "I'm happy"?

Through his life on the outskirts of Iloilo City
Participants can discuss social issues facing the Philippines and Japan.
Let's think together while interacting with Filipinos.

What does "happiness" mean to you?
Why don't you ask your heart again in this overseas training?

​Training format

・ Use the video conference app ZOOM

・ Watching videos and giving lectures (Yukie Kobayashi, representative of LOOB, an NGO active in the Philippines)
・ Group discussion ・ Interview with local staff in the Philippines (interpretation support available)

​Tour itinerary

・ For junior and senior high school students: 7,  August every Sunday 10: 00-12: 30

・ For college students and adults: 7,  August every Saturday 10: 00-11: 30

​Flow of the day

​<For junior and senior high school students>

​<For college students and adults>

1) Greeting

2) Group discussion

3) Iloilo City Sightseeing Tour

4) Interview with a boy living on the outskirts of Iloilo City

5) Main discussion

6) Cultural exchange and exchange of opinions with Filipino children and NGO staff

7) Introduction of LOOB activities

(Time required: 2.5 hours)

1) Greetings 2) Iloilo City Sightseeing Tour 3) Interview with a boy living on the outskirts of Iloilo City 4) Main Discussion

Cultural exchange and exchange of opinions with NGO staff in the Philippines 5) Introduction of LOOB activities

* There is no interaction with children.

​ (Time required: one and a half hours)


3,300 yen per person (tax included)

​Organizer profile


Representative of NGO LOOB

Yukie Kobayashi

Born in Kitami City, Hokkaido.

The Filipino work camp I attended at the age of 20 became the original experience of my life, and moved to Manila alone in 1991 after graduating from university.


After gaining experience in NGOs and Japanese companies, he founded LOOB, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Philippines in 2001.
Since then, he believes that the healthy growth of young people is the best way to reduce poverty and war from the world, and has been engaged in many grassroots exchange projects between Japan and the Philippines, SDGs training projects, and support projects for the poor in the Philippines.

Management organization NGO LOOB / NPO corporation LOOB JAPAN working on SDGs recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Local Filipino staff Rosale Parras


Lives in Iloilo City, Philippines.

While attending the University of the Philippines, he led many projects as a leader of community development student groups.

After graduating, he participated in the volunteer activities of NGO LOOB and is currently the manager of the international exchange program as a full-time employee of LOOB.

Nickname is Sale.


With The World Representative

Shunta Igarashi

While attending college, he belonged to the athletic club tennis club, and spent most of his student days on the tennis court.

After retiring from club activities, he visited the Philippines after being inspired by the Japanese who were conducting educational activities on the TV program that was being broadcast.

While learning that children who cannot go to school are well-remembered and have a strong desire to learn seriously, they also learn that there are many local children who do not know much about the slum situation.

With The World Co., Ltd. was founded, and schools around the world discuss one social theme regardless of location, distance, or religion in order to provide an opportunity to reconsider the social issues of their own country and local area while learning about the current state of the world. We are developing a platform service to learn from each other.

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