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​<For junior high and high school students / university students>

​Online study abroad experience

Time required : 1 hour

With students of the same generation from all over the world

You can interact online

​ program


​What is an online study abroad experience?

"I want to provide a place for international exchange online"

That's why this program was born.

About "Culture / Daily Life", "Corona's Life" and "SDGs"

Casual discussions with students of the same generation overseas!

It is a program where you can experience various values just like studying abroad.

So that each student can speak evenly
In addition to forming a small group of foreign and Japanese students

The learning assistant will support you in English.

Students are from more than 30 countries, mainly in Asia!
I am looking forward to participating in which country people will come!


​Details of the event


Saturday, November 7th 19:00~ 20: 00

(Admission starts at 18:50)


Cross-cultural exchange part: Future work

Share the jobs you want to get in the future and why!

SDGs Part: SDG8 "Rewarding work and economic growth"

Let's discuss the ideal working environment for everyone!

​Flow of the day

This program uses the video conference application ZOOM , so

Please download in advance.

1) Greetings, today's explanation 2) Grouped exchanges 3) Grouped discussions (SDGs)
4) Summary

Time required: 1 hour


2,200 yen per person (tax included)

Deadline: Thursday, November 5th

※cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel, please contact us by email by the application deadline.

If you cancel after the deadline, we may not be able to refund your money.

State of class​

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